Biomass Systems: Design and Economic Evaluation

Properties, types and costs of biomass, Biomass conversion processes, heat and electricity generation, Exercise in parallel to the power supply of biomass systems, Incentive systems and collection, commercial energy injected into the network, Basic elements of capital-budgeting, Collection of plant biomass projects, Consumer Guide to BioSim_pro 1.0 software - economic simulator biomass.


Objective of the manual is to describe and guide the user in choosing and designing biomass systems, coming to draw up a project, complete the engineering and economic aspects needed to make an assessment of the investment by performing the new regulations and incentives. To do this, it will guide the user step by step, by comparison with the real design issues in relation to technological and environmental constraints of the site where the plant and to the prospect's budget will be installed. The text shows the architecture of biomass systems, providing the necessary elements to size correctly the installations; all in accordance with the regulations.

Topics Covered:

- Definition, availability, consumption and supply chain.
- Types and global analysis of conversion systems.
- Reactors, parameters and process analysis.
- Conversion Thermodynamics.
- Conversion Biochemistry.
- Entry, mixing, codizionamento, monitoring.
- Choice of biomass and storage system.
- Choice of the electrical and / or thermal power.
- Heat generation.
- Electricity Generation.
- Description and analysis of two systems of generation from biomass.
- The Cogeneration.
- Analysis of costs and revenues.
- Production, transmission, transformation and distribution of electricity.
- Incentive schemes and commercial operating systems.
- Enhancing thermal energy.
- Criteria for choosing between investment.
- Construction of thermal power plants and biomass power generation.


Author: Enrico Bocci, Alessandro Caffarelli, Mauro Villarini, Alessio D'Amato.
Publisher: Maggioli Editore
language: Italian
Pages: 575
Price: 105 €