Company Profile

Enertecna srl


Enertecna is a company formed in early 2006 and operates in the field of design, construction and operation of plants of all kinds, particularly in the production of energy from renewable sources, energy efficiency, environment and safety at work.

Enertecna born from the meeting of experts of the engineering sector who have combined their skills that make it an ideal partner for those who want to enter the world of power generation from renewable sources and sustainable development.

The primary objective is the spread of a distributed generation system and sustainable energy, achieved through outstanding technological solutions and development of innovative projects by investing in first and in partnership, in plants producing energy from renewable sources.

At Enertecna project involves skilled and experienced professionals in all fields of application of the energy sector technologies: university lecturers and researchers and experts of technological systems. Enertecna can currently count on the collaboration of engineers and professionals.

The different skills allow Enertecna to provide the customer a full service engineering: site visits with specialists, preliminary studies of technical and economic feasibility, final designs, preliminary technical and administrative management of construction sites, through the construction phase of installation and construction supervision on site, through to testing.

Enertecna is also able to provide administrative support services in connection activations of practices to the electrical distribution network, and gas, to obtain the incentives practices at the GSE, and all the documents necessary for the request and the 'obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

Enertecna is able to provide services in the different fields of renewable sources: solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind (including mini and micro), biomass and bio fuels in cogeneration plants, geothermal and design services in highly innovative and attractive solutions such as Solar cooling.

The academic backgrounds of some professionals Enertecna, it makes a caring society to innovation and research and development activity. For this Enertecna participates in research and demonstration projects, devoting himself to the study of technological innovation aiming at the optimization of energy systems, the development of prototype systems. One example is the STS project (budget of Trigeneration Solar System) amounted to € 1,200,000.00 funded by the MoE which participates in partnership with the University La Tuscia in Viterbo, Kloben South and K Engineering, or other previous activities in collaboration with the University of Rome La Sapienza.

Enertecna assists working groups with specific expertise to support companies in all phases of analysis of plant systems, providing a diagnostic service with specific findings and outlining the possible improvements to be made.

Enertecna provides, through partnerships with accredited laboratories in the area, chemical and microbiological analysis complemented by custom environmental consulting activities based on the specific needs of the customer, who can count on continued collaboration from the stage of performing chemical analysis to the management of issues more complex environment. All analytical activities are carried out as required by the latest official methods in compliance with applicable regulations and official methods.

Enertecna uses Institutes of Certification accredited ensuring the update, innovation and continuous improvement of companies, with enviable experience in proven methods and professional excellence in various fields of expertise:
- Certification;
- Inspection;
- Training;
- tests.

Its flexible organization, but well structured and distributed in the territory, is able to intervene in time and continuity, by binding with a constructive and close contact with the company. A bond that goes beyond individual control or certification and becomes a constant contribution to the maintenance of quality levels achieved.