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Systems for Industrial automation, Energy Greed and control systems.

ENERTECNA Company is the leader in developing and manufacturing integrated electronic systems applications, in particular those directed to the industrial automation system, Energy Greed and Control Systems. ENERTECNA designs and manufactures in its factory of Rome, electronic systems for the management and remote control integrated of many devices.


Systems for Energy Recovery, Cogeneration CHP, Solar CPS.

ENERTECNA Company is the leader in design free piston exothermic generator applications that converts readily available and low cost heat sources like solar, biogas and natural gas, into reliable electrical energy. ENERTECNA is the designer of the PowerDish™ – the world’s first Stirling-based solar power generation system suitable for automotive-scale manufacturing and deployment from small distribution-scale arrays to multi-megawatt, utility-scale solar power plants.

Develop the energy

Image 1 Energy efficiency Energy Audit, our dedicated team is studying the use made of the energy in your business, identifying the causes of waste and action to suggest, drawing a roadmap that will help you transform the energy problem in resource. Cogeneration and trigeneration, cogeneration is the combined and simultaneous production of electricity and heat from the fuel unit. The added value of a cogeneration system is the production of electricity and heat recovery from the context that usually remains unused and is dispersed into the atmosphere.
Image 2 Sourcing Purchase, with you we decide the strategy and objectives. Then we constantly monitor the market to provide the most suitable solution to your needs, price. Control, verify that the contracts are signed conform to your needs and recalculate each bill issued to make sure that what you pay is in line with your consumption and regulatory updates.
Image 3 Photovoltaic Photovoltaic, a photovoltaic generator converts solar radiation into electricity. The electricity generated by PV is promoted from 28 July 2005 through the Energy Bill. Solar Thermal Energy, a solar thermal system can transform solar radiation, which affects the Earth's surface, typically stored in a hot water storage tank said boiler to allow a use which meets the needs and the timing related to them.

Design Awards

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